Towing Service in Reservoir - Whiskey Hill Bridgeport

Towing Service in Reservoir - Whiskey Hill Bridgeport

Located between the towns of North Bridgeport and the North End, the Reservoir/Whiskey Hill region is bounded by the town of Trumbull on the north side, and the towns of Trumbull on the east and west side. The neighborhood is mostly comprised of single-family houses, with institutional uses accounting for around 10% of the total land area of the neighborhood.

Parks and open space cover more than 8% of the total land area of Reservoir/Whiskey Hill, with Park Cemetery accounting for the vast majority of that total.

In Reservoir/Whiskey Hill, the majority of the residential units (65 percent) are occupied by their respective owners.

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Quick Towing Service of Bridgeport in Reservoir – Whiskey Hill Bridgeport

If you searched for something like “towing near me”,”tow truck near me”,”wrecker service near me” or “roadside assistance near me”, you’ve landed in the right spot. Our Bridgeport Connecticut Towing Service has been providing all types of roadside help for years with a professional level of service and great prices. We’re available on weekends, holidays, rain or shine, 24 hours a day.

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